New Year, New Rut?


Dear Self:

So Happy New Year! Time for a fresh, new start, right?

Or, if you’re like the rest of the world, time for a fresh new rut. You want to complete your resolutions, those lofty goals that you set at the beginning of the year when you were still slightly tipsy from your night at the bar (and the pie and coffee afterwards didn’t quite sober you up); now that you’re a couple weeks in, however, you’ve started to back down. Back off. Doubt yourself.

Well, stop it. Stop it right now.

You want to write. You want to get published. You want to finally lose weight so that when you go back home to visit, your family and friends will be like, “California’s treating you nicely”. You want to be able to support yourself so that you can stop depending on others. You want to do things for yourself and not feel guilty.

What’s stopping you? Oh, yeah, that’s right: you.

What you need is a swift kick in the ass, a cup of strong, black, no-nonsense coffee, and a couple of miles on the treadmill. You need a rainy day with no commitments, and a goal of 500 words every time you sit down. You need a couple of hours to apply for those writing gigs so that you have experience under your belt when you apply for that long-awaited “big-girl” job. You need an hour of yoga, a bit of meditation, and a punching bag do de-stress.

You need to finally take down that Christmas tree. Because it’s been 3 weeks since Christmas, and you spent it by yourself anyway, so you can probably stop admiring the damn thing and move on.

You need to shape up, or ship out. Because at the end of the day, the only one you’re disappointing is yourself, and 2013 is more than that.

2013 is a new beginning. You are a survivor of apocalypses. You are a well-tuned ear on a good head, which happens to be on a broad set of shoulders on a strong heart. You are a beautiful creature, and a product of 3.5 billion years of evolutionary greatness. 2013 is about you. It’s not about finally finishing college; you did that. It’s not about surviving the food service industry so that your customer service skills will be exemplary; you’ve got that covered. It’s about finally, FINALLY, finding out where you’re going in life, so that you can get going. You started discovering that at Alexandra Franzen’s workshop last month. So keep that up. Self-discovery is not a one-time thing.

I hope that you come back and read this. I hope that you use this mindset every time you start being a Debbie Downer; the world is full of those, and we need some more Betty Whites and Kick-Ass Katy’s to make this world better. So make it better. Make it beautiful. And above all, never forget who you are, and where you came from. Because you’re awesome, and the world needs to know.



Photo via Striking Truths

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Rut?

  1. Yes! Your mother approves but would like you to do this closer to home. You know, that place (& people) that help form you into the “Kick-Ass Katy”. (A mother’s (& the Catholic church’s) job is guilt.)

  2. Keep your head up and on those shoulders. Do what you know you can and keep on truckin’! California is a very motivating, fast paced, forward thinking culture to help with those goals! Good luck!

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